sew baby, sew!

If you were to talk to me a year ago I would tell you I had never touched a sewing machine. This was mostly because they seemed too intimidating (to me anyways), and because I really didn’t want to add to the “Suzie Homemaker” idea of myself. Little did I know it could actually be … More sew baby, sew!

twin shenanigans

Last weekend we celebrated the twin’s first birthdays! After a crazy year we decided to have a relatively laid back day, with friends coming over whenever they wanted. We BBQed some food, had cake, and enjoyed spending the day with some of the people that have helped us through this past year. To me this … More twin shenanigans


yes friends, it’s official: I’ve opened an etsy store! I’ve been selling quilts here and there and figured I might as well try to sell online also! If you’re interested check out and search for “handmadebyEEF”. Here’s a couple of quilts I’m looking to sell right now:       Have a great weekend!  L 


I’ve always had a soft spot for beautifully designed stoneware.. But now that we’ve decided to go with open shelving instead of upper cabinets in our kitchen it’s out of control! No matter where I go or look: I see a piece that I just absolutely need to have. Problem is: all our money is … More stoneware

Birthdays, books, and ceiling demo’s. 

That sums up our weekend! Thursday this handsome little man turned TWO! He’s the most gentle and kindhearted ball of fire I know, is totally digging this “terrible two” status, still melts my heart several times a day, loves his brother and sissy; being outside; large equipment; cooking; and anything food related.. Still loves his … More Birthdays, books, and ceiling demo’s. 

be inspired!

Since my hubs is out working on our house all day and I’m at home with the littles, I’m at home collecting furniture and getting inspired online.. I figured I’d give you a glimpse into what’s inspiring us in our choices.. Here you have it! So the really exciting thing is that we get the … More be inspired!

sore yet?

Goodness! After 2 weeks of purging the upstairs of our new split-level home I thought we were through the worst of it. Boy was I wrong.. Armored with a crowbar and hammer we pulled up some old hardwood flooring on Wednesday: pulling nails from every 2 inches of wood in a bent over position is … More sore yet?